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Anonymous said: So, the most recent Paradox Space got me thinking. There's a lot of discussion about Dave's relationship with Bro and how it's abusive, but what about Rose and her mom?

I answered an ask talking about this a bit a while ago but I lost it, whoops.

I did not grow up with neglect or abuse and I have not made a study of either, so I am not an authority, but here is my very uninformed opinion on the matter.

While Dave’s relationship with Bro veers closer to abuse (I think you could make an argument based on canon for it being borderline or even abusive) I’d say Mom and Rose is more neglect? Mom spends a lot of time drunk, acting weird, lurking in Skaianet labs, or probably passed out/recuperating from the effects of too much alcohol. Rose has the attitude and cadence of someone who had to grow up and be the adult way too soon. Clearly Momlonde was not in any condition to raise her. Rose is even able to get into alcohol if she so chooses. (One of Mom’s strife attacks is even ‘ironic neglect’ by offering a martini. Unlike Bro, I don’t think any of her strife ‘attacks’ are violent, but I could be remembering wrong.) 

Momlonde counters these lapses by occasionally being overbearing and slathering Rose in attention. Since Rose spends long periods of time being neglected, she is naturally suspicious of these shows of affection and interprets them as ironic or insincere. 

So basically Momlonde has substance abuse problems and either leaves Rose to fend for herself or antagonizes her with inappropriately timed and calculated gestures of affection, which seems more like a failure to provide adequate care than deliberate/direct abuse. 

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For the Dancing and the Dreaming (piano cover) — ThePandaTooth (Youtube)

This is beautiful.


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It’s about time to break out my favorite eyeshadow.


It’s about time to break out my favorite eyeshadow.


same, john


same, john

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people who say ”romantic love is what makes you human!!!!” are actually right. aromantic people are, in fact, gods in disguise, traveling in the human world to observe and study the humans and their weakpoints, in order to eventually eliminate them all and take over their world

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I see in full clarity what was so muddy before. You see a thousand of me and this is what I’m meant for. 
This song makes me strangely sad




Thinking through a six season show whose finale embraced the concept of fixing everything by turning it off and turning it on again.

Let’s go.

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I choose to believe that Dharma has The Tempest because there were native people living on the island the came to, and what else to primarily white Americans do when they come to a land with native people but try to figure out how to obliterate the native people? Thus, an entire station devoted to poison.

The mythology (specifically in regards to Egyption stuff) is present and all over the place but not really talked about because the point (as was illustrated in the episode with Jacob’s/MIB’s backstory) is that this stuff, the Light and the Monster and what they represent — all that stuff doesn’t have a beginning, and it won’t have an end. Inner goodness and badness in humans has always been ther, both of them, and they always will be. It’s balance, and it’s eternal.

Magic water because faith/science, and the counter of electromagnetism is magic water, I guess.

I still feel like they mostly forgot about Kate. 

They totally did. Kate was so shit upon by the writers it’s ridiculous. She was kind of annoying at first, then she became repetitive and love-triangle-driven and everything about her and about her character was driven into the ground on the regular. It got to the point, watching the show as it aired, that when we got a Kate episode I’d just go “ugggggh there goes a week of my life”

Mostly it felt like a very enjoyable rough draft, if that makes sense. Respectable but in need of cleaning.

That’s a brilliant description. Personally, I think it’s one of the best shows, possibly of all time, but it definitely could do with a bit of polishing.

I found it odd that they spent an entire episode (Across the Sea) building sympathy for the Man in Black but it didn’t change anything. We got badly needed backstory, but showing that he was messed up and treated unfairly didn’t make a jot of difference in how the show treated him as a villain.

I always read that as just one more strike against the Smoke. Because when young MIB comes back, I don’t think he’s really still MIB. He’s lost the good in himself and the bad has been magnified, and in essence, it was another sympathetic character the Smoke killed, and it’s supposed to make us hate it more.

I might rewatch it because I think (like Homestuck) it’s something you need to watch more than once

Definitely definitely definitely. Watching LOST for the first time and formulating ideas and predictions, and then trying to piece it all together after you’re finished is fun enough, but watching it again, knowing what happens and what gets answered and what doesn’t get answered — knowing, basically, where the show leaves you hanging, you’re free to look at the backgrounds and the implications and decide what you believe about the show, and what you think you can or definitely can prove. Some people think that’s a flaw in the show, that so much is built on implication, but I’m rather fond of it (especially after having watched it a second time). 

Fair enough about the Tempest. It’s just that they already had the Arrow for defense. And the ‘natives’ are still more white primarily British people which is weird.

The eternal balance is cool and all but I’m still bothered by ‘who built the statue?? who wrote in ancient cuneiform? why hieroglyphics?’ Someone must have done all that. It’s also weird because it looked like the temple had Egyptian-style art depicting the MIB, and he came into smokey existence way too late for that.

Oh good so I wasn’t being pointlessly petty about Kate, she really did get thrown to the side.

"Another character the Smoke killed." Are you suggesting the Smoke is something beyond the MIB? Do you mean this by the whole ‘Darth Vader killed Annakin’ way (the darkness killed the person he used to be) or that the Smoke monster is a thing outside the MIB? My brother was pushing the idea that the Mother was one too but idk about that.


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