The update hit a lot of people pretty hard, and I think I know why.

We get it.

We’re not irrelevant knock off copies of ourselves (at least I hope not), but sometimes it feels that way. Sometimes we look at our life and our accomplishments and think: I’m a loser. I’m a fuckup. If someone else lived my life, they could do it so. much. better. We look at our boyfriend/girlfriend, our friends, our family, and think they’re only there because they have to be. Because they feel obligated. They feel bad for us. They don’t really like us. How could they? How could anyone?

Life would be so much better for all involved if we weren’t there anymore.

We’re only in the way.

But here’s the thing.

That’s wrong. And the fandom is collectively flipping its admittedly not very securely fashioned lid right now because of how wrong it is.

It’s silly to define people’s feelings for them.

It’s silly to assume that everything people do is because they hate you so much.

It’s silly to ditch people when you don’t even know what they’re thinking. 

It’s silly to think you’re worthless because absolutely no one is.

Homestuck characters are gloriously accurate stupid teenagers. Please learn from their mistakes. 

You matter. Everyone does. No one else can live your life, and sometimes life is really damn hard, but you can’t just give up. But you don’t have to do it alone.

No matter how much of a fuckup you think you are, someone cares.

And if you disagree, drop a message in my inbox between classes and I will aggressively maintain that you are deserving of love.